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Are you in love with your life? Or are you unhappy about a transition you are in? If so, you are not alone.

You can make it through any transition with a proven and reliable system of support. I will guide you to apply powerful principles to create the life want!

Private or group coaching available either in-person or online at your convenience.

DreamBuilder® Program:
Discover, design and build your dreams.

Life Mastery™ Program:
Learn to live the life you want to live by mastering your: intentions, health, abundance, manifestation, Love, and transformation.

Working with the Law™:
Study eleven Laws of the Universe continually at work in our lives; being in harmony with them will improve your life.

Into your Genius™:
Study the six mental faculties you are born with and how to use them effectively to set the course for your life.

Standing Firm While Your World is Shaking™:
Learn strategies to navigate through life’s tougher terrain and most difficult moments.

Release and renew mind, body, and spirit through this movement modality with music.

Connect with me now to learn more about how these programs can improve your life. I would love to serve you!

Hi! I’m Cynthia Kuniej Berry

As the founder and CEO of Creative Vision Life Coaching, my mission is to guide individuals successfully through life’s profound transitions, including stressful circumstances, career changes, relocations, and the loss of loved ones. I specialize in assisting those who may be feeling confused, isolated, anxious, or unmotivated due to life-changing events, helping them to become more resilient and flourish. I firmly believe that challenges can be transformative gifts that allow you to evolve into a better and more fulfilled version of yourself. Together, we will create a vision for your changing life, making it better and helping you thrive.

I am a Transformational Coach and Life Mastery™ Consultant certified by the Brave Thinking® Institute, a premier international training program for spiritual growth and life transformation. Additionally, I am a co-author of the recent bestseller, Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume III. Moreover, I am a TranscenDance™ Facilitator, trained in the modality that utilizes movement and music to release blocked energy and renew mind, body, and spirit.”

As a compassionate and heart-centered coach, I am committed to help you define your goals and dreams. Through our work together, you’ll discover a greater sense of peace, nurture your spirit, and experience a renewed sense of energy. With personal growth and increased awareness, you’ll find yourself thriving. New opportunities will unfold as your dreams begin to materialize, and together, we’ll create a concrete plan to turn them into reality. This journey can lead you to a freer, fuller, and more expansive life!

If you are experiencing a career change, relocation, the loss of a loved one, or any major life transition, I am here to support you in creating a vision and a new path for personal growth. I’ve successfully navigated these transitions myself, and I’m committed to helping you do the same!

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